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FFW is a full-service comprehensive occupational medical and rehabilitation provider. We help ill or injured Canadians get better and through this, we ultimately help the corporations or insurers, who have to manage the costs associated with these claims. Our employment services ensure the right person is in the right job, to avoid injuries in the first place. Should an accident or illness arise, our disability management assessments and interventions ensure that recovery will be optimized as quickly as possible.

The team of professionals at FFW is truly Interdisciplinary. Our Physicians, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologist, Psychologists and Vocational Specialists are experienced in dealing with Mental Health, Physical Injury, Chronic Illness, Cognitive Dysfunction.

Our employment testing capability in-house includes Employment medicals including regulated medicals, ancillary testing such as Drug and Alcohol, Audiograms, Spirometry, EKG, Blood draws and Covid Testing.

Our team

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