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Transferable Skills Analysis– An analysis of a client’s education, training and experience which will identify transferable skills that can be utilized to perform alternate safe and suitable occupations.

Vocational Assessment– Assesses the individual’s level of intellectual functioning, present level of academic skill, aptitude for scholastic achievement and work related aptitudes and interests. The goal is to make a determination about suitability of formal training, necessity of academic upgrading, and identification of potential training or work options for individuals not returning to preinjury work.

Psychoeducational Assessment - identifies factors that may have an impact on any aspect of an individual's learning. This assessment is used to determine the individual's learning profile, learning disabilities, and factors that can affect an individual's ability to process, retain, or output information.

Job Search Skills– Clients will be give the necessary tools to find meaningful employment including resume development, job finding skills, and interview experience once an alternate return to work position has been identified.

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