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Pre-Employment Medicals– An examination completed by either a physician or Nurse, which concludes if an individual is medically fit for work. This can include drug and alcohol testing as well as, biological screening. Depending upon the age of the worker, or the specific position they are being hired for, various ancillary testing may be required by Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. This includes testing such as: spirometry, audiometry, EKG and/or laboratory testing. These can be completed both on and off site.

Specialty Employment/Periodic Medical Assessments – Some high risk occupations, including those in the Offshore environment, Construction environment, and Public Safety require specialized medical evaluation for Pre-Employment and periodic/annual testing. FIT For Work offers these specialized Medical Assessments including Miner’s Medicals, CAPP Medicals, Marine Medical Examinations (MME), Fire Fighter Medicals, Police Officer Medicals, and more.

Pre-Employment Functional Screening (Post-Offer Employment Test)– An assessment of the candidate’s physical ability (strength, range of motion, stamina, etc) to ensure they can safely perform the job tasks required of the position. Pre-Employment Functional Screens can be customized, based on the Job demands, and include Job Simulation activities to ensure testing mimics the bonafide job requirements. 

Psychological Suitability Assessments – Assessments with a Psychologist including a clinical/forensic interview and psychometric testing that provides a clear decision on the candidate's current psychological suitability for working with vulnerable people or in high stress occupations, and advises whether candidates possess the necessary psychological attributes for the job.

Drug & Alcohol Testing– Testing can include urine, oral fluid, breath, and/or hair follicle testing which can be used to identify the presence of a variety of drugs and alcohol. Results can be instant (express) or lab based pending request. Testing can be completed of Pre-Employment or Pre-Access purposes, or completed in a Post-Incident or Reasonable Suspicion situation, inline with the company’s Drug & Alcohol policy.

Substance Abuse Evaluations – Our Substance Abuse Experts (SAE) evaluate employees who have self-disclosed a disorder or violated a drug and alcohol program. Assessments make recommendations concerning education, treatment, return-to-work readiness, follow-up testing, and aftercare to ensure the safety of your worksites.

Health Surveillance for Occupational Exposure- Monitors the health status of workers over time to gather data about the effects of workplace exposures and to use the data to prevent illness or injury. Evaluations such as audiometric testing (hearing tests), spirometry (lung function tests), blood analysis, and urine analysis are common screening assessments.

Second Medical Opinions– Medical assessment provided to the examinee by a physician who acts in an advisory role to confirm fitness to work, rehabilitation requirements, or major illness confirmation with recommendations provided to facilitate recovery.

Wellness Clinics & Vaccinations– Can include administering flu shots, biometric testing such as height, weight, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, etc. Clinics can be tailored depending on request. Wellness education can provided during individual assessments.

Job Site Analysis (JSA) / Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)- An on-site assessment of the Physical and/or Cognitive demands of a specific job, for use in Disability Management and return to Work planning. Recommendations may be given as to ways to alter job tasks or equipment to reduce injury risk.

Ergonomic Assessment– Involves visiting the workplace to ensure proper work station design, and fit with the specific user, to eliminate any risk of postural strain.

Injury Prevention Training– Our professionals can offer seminars such as back education, stretching, return-to-work, health awareness, ergonomics, or repetitive strain injury prevention.

Direct Access Physiotherapy (DAP) – Our clinic can provide a Direct Access Physiotherapy program for your staff. If an employee is injured, our physiotherapists can assess them within 24 hours, instead of waiting weeks for a family physician appointment. Out physiotherapist can provide immediate information of the employee’s safe functional abilities, so the employee can remain at work completing alternate/modified duties, instead of coming off work and affecting worker’s compensation premiums. Treatment can also commence immediate, to reduce the duration of disability.