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Travel Health and Vaccinations – Our Travel Health nurses provide recommendations and guidance on warnings and health risks to Canadians travelling abroad. This includes recommendations on suggested vaccinations for your destination, as well as administration of those vaccinations.

TB Testing - A tuberculin skin test is used to see if you have been exposed to tuberculosis and perhaps have latent tuberculosis infection or active tuberculosis disease.

Blood Collection – If you require bloodwork, ordered by your Physician, our Nurses offer private Blood collection services. Our nurses gently and safely draw your blood, and ensure transport to local Laboratories for analysis with results going directly to your ordering physician. You must come with your physician’s bloodwork requisition. Mobile collections at your home can be completed by our travelling nurse.

Foot Care Nursing - includes services such as nail care (trimming, care of thickened, brittle, fungal and ingrown nails), corn treatment, callus treatment, foot and lower leg assessments, diabetic foot care, foot health education, as well as identification of potential foot health problems and recommendations of appropriate treatment and care. These services are provided for patients who struggle with providing foot care for themselves, such as the elderly and those with decreased mobility. Specific services are also provided to those with Diabetes, Arthritis, Neuropathy, Lymphedema, and anyone taking high-risk medication such as blood thinners and steroids. At-home services can be available for those with mobility and transportation challenges, upon request, through our travelling Nurse.