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Atlantic Orthotics Ltd.

Ph: (709) 754-FOOT (3668)
is a Newfoundland based company who has been helping people cope with hand and foot or lower leg problems for over 15 years. Our professional is a Duly Certified Canadian Board Certified Pedorthist and Occupational Therapist. We specialize in making custom molded orthoses for the feet. Orthotics are biomechanically designed inserts that are custom molded to the feet or hands. They essentially support the limb in such a way as to maintain correct anatomical alignment or deflect body weight to a less painful area. They can be made of various materials. Foot orthotics can be made to fit into most types of shoes, including athletic shoes, dress shoes, workboots, and casual or orthopedic shoes. We see people by appointment only. When making an appointment it is important to remember that MCP does not cover our services. Individuals may want to check their health insurance, as medical plans may cover a portion of our services. Payment is usually required at each appointment. We prefer people bring a referral note from their Physician. WHSCC and DVA clients will require their claim number and social services clients require a P.O. number at the time of their visit.

Avalon Physiotherapy Limited

Ph: (709) 754-8085
is a well established physiotherapy clinic serving the citizens of St. John’s and surrounding areas since 1990. In 2001 Avalon Physiotherapy opened a satellite office at The Health Plex and became part of the multi-disciplinary approach to injury management. Avalon Physiotherapy Ltd. provides full physiotherapy treatment to patients of all ages by offering Rehabilitation of Orthopedic and Sports Injuries, Treatment of Arthritic Conditions, Back Education, T.M.J. Program, Fibromyalgia Management Program, Acupuncture, and Home Visits Upon Request. As part of the Active Physiotherapy Group, Avalon Physiotherapy offers nationally accredited rehabilitation programs to patients who are suffering from work related or motor vehicle injuries. A Physician’s appointment is no longer needed to make an appointment with a Physiotherapist. Following the assessment, the Physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan specific to the client and the rehabilitation requirements of the injury.

Lifemark Health Group

Lifemark Health Group is a Canadian leader in community rehabilitation, workplace health and wellness and medical assessment services. With over 20 years of service excellence, Lifemark Health Group is a comprehensive and trusted health provider with 3 million patient visits annually, and employs over 5,000 highly trained clinicians, medical experts and team members.  

As Canada's largest physiotherapy company, Lifemark is passionate about enriching the health of Canadians through movement. Lifemark's commitment to health and wellness extends beyond patient care, to the entire team, as evidenced through an award-winning culture.  

Serving Newfoundland and Labrador province wide