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To remove accessibility and mobility barriers, Lifemark offers Virtual Care, which uses secure and private video conference technology to allow you to see a healthcare provider remotely. This means you can consult a Lifemark clinician in the comfort of your own home, and we are able to service patients throughout the whole of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Some of the services we offer through Virtual Care include physiotherapy services, occupational therapy services, psychology services, office ergonomic evaluations, vocational assessments and services, exercise therapy services, physician assessments, and more, and we are consistently adding new types of services. Our clinicians can evaluate your range of motion, give you advice on pain and pain management, recommend specific exercises, review your exercise progression, give you advice on the level of activity you should be doing and more.

You can expect the same level of care and professionalism for Virtual Care services as you would for in-person services. Our clinicians are required to meet the same regulatory and legislative requirements and adhere to their respective Standards of Practice and Code of Conduct, just as they are for in-person services. 

Lifemark also protects your privacy through safeguards and robust policies. We have strict privacy and information security policies and procedures in place that determine how we manage information when using electronic communication technologies.