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FIT For Work is committed to providing comprehensive medical, occupational rehabilitation and vocational services. Customer satisfaction is paramount in FIT For Work's philosophy. As a result, all of our business, training and operational processes have been designed and implemented in a manner that allows us to deliver services that meet or exceed our customer, statutory and regulatory requirements and expectations on a consistent basis.
At FIT For Work we constantly seek ways to improve the service experience for all our customers and associated stakeholders. We do this by continually monitoring and implementing industry changes and best practices and by continually seeking ways to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and all associated processes. Our quality objectives have been developed with customer satisfaction and continual improvement in mind and have been implemented throughout all levels of the organization to help us meet and measure conformity to requirements and process performance. FIT For Work's management team is committed to ensuring the continued suitability of this policy and associated objectives by reviewing and monitoring their effectiveness on a regular basis and by providing the resources required to fulfill these intentions.

Serving Newfoundland and Labrador province wide